The Scottish Semiconductor Supplier Forum

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Scotland is home to a wide range of world class companies that specialise in the design and manufacture of semiconductor products. Invariably, such companies choose to do business in locations that offer them a competitive advantage. Scotland has a well educated workforce, many first class universities, good transport and communications links, but for semiconductor manufacturers a further key attraction is its infrastructure of hi-tech suppliers and semiconductor specialists.

The Scottish Semiconductor Supplier Forum, with the support of Scottish Enterprise, is the organisation that represents the semiconductor infrastructure community in Scotland. Member companies range in size from very small SME’s who operate only on a local level, through to regional divisions of multinational organisations that supply semiconductors throughout the world. What they have in common is a desire to add value to their customers and in turn grow their own businesses in a highly competitive environment. Being a member of the Forum helps companies to achieve this by offering practical support, which includes:

  • Organising exhibitions at semiconductor manufacturing sites.
  • Acquiring specialist industry reports for the  use of its members
  •  Organising training and networking events
  • Representing members , at a strategic level, within the  Scottish Technology Forum (STF).
  • Providing a channel for information to flow to government.

Since its formation in 1998, the Forum has endured the characteristic roller coaster ride of boom and bust that plagues the worldwide semiconductor industry, but the SSSF continues to thrive. It does so through the strong support of Scottish Enterprise and the Local Enterprise Company Network, who work to develop strong, sustainable industries based upon high value -added activities.

In its short history, the organisation has undergone numerous changes and it will continue to do so in order to adapt and survive. An active steering group, drawn from the membership, meets most months to drive the organisation forward and feedback from the wider membership is always welcomed.

If you supply goods or services to Wafer Fab’s, silicon foundries or other hi-tech manufacturing operations, then please consider joining us to make our group even stronger than it is now.


The Scottish Semiconductor Supplier Forum has of lately decided in favor to merge with the National Microelectronic Institute to form an even stronger force on the Electronic market in Scottland. As a network we’re now even larger, which has always been our goal – to keep expanding and growing. After many years of successful collaboration between the two companies, we are now happy to announce that we will from here on work together as one corporation.

As of this event, from here on out, the National Microelectronics Institute will be solely responsible of the activities of the former SSSF. For more information of this, please visit the homepage of the NMI, where future updates will be announced. However, this remains an unofficial website about the SSSF and the further developments will be updated continuously here.